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I’m going give you a real quick review of Lead Lightning and PLS, also known as Profit Lead System, just two programs developed by Neil Guess, out of the 5 total. I will also give you my insights on the last 3 packages within PLS above the Gold Level. I will give you my perspective — not my opinion — whether this product is worth the advertised price of $7 one time fee. If you like my review, or have any insights you care to share, then leave me a comment below.


Lead Lightning sells Internet Marketing training designed to generate automated leads. It is the “entry level” program which everybody comes through into the Profit Lead System (PLS) If you’ve seen or heard the term “leads” this is just another word for traffic. There are a multitude of lead generating programs selling their wares to prospective buyers. Programs like Lead Lightning get you to buy in so that you can then turn around and promote Lead Lightning, in other words it is a recruitment based program.


I will say that most people new to the online money making game are prime targets for recruitment due to the fact they lack the knowledge and experience on how to generate income online.

Most “newbies” are under the misconception that “getting traffic” or “leads” relates to sales which is really only half the equation. Leads are leads, and traffic is traffic, and depending on how good it it, whether it’s “Tier 1”, “Tier 2”, or “Tier 3” traffic, will determine whether they convert or not. Sales don’t occur until something is sold. When someone actually BUYS something from you, then you’ve made money. But, until then, traffic and leads will just be “prospects” sent to your offer. How often you follow up with them will determine how well they convert.

All traffic isn’t made equal and most newcomers to Internet marketing don’t understand this principle. If your traffic isn’t “targeted” or at the right point in the buying cycle, then that traffic is just traffic — which in most cases won’t always equate to sales.

An example of this is if I were to sell keyword tools and the traffic that was being directed my way were actually looking for autoresponders, what chance do I have of selling them a keyword tool when they are actually looking for something else? This is an unfortunate practice that many lead generating products offer. People get coerced into buying lists or traffic that in many cases are not relevant to their product they are promoting, but you get traffic so the seller’s obligation is fulfilled, traffic as advertised. The key to learn here is using the right lead, or traffic, sources that provide relevant prospects to your offer. There are a number of good sources of reputable traffic, and they can be found in the back office of the PLS Gold Level at Profit Lead System.


Once inside Lead Lightning you get the opportunity to sell Lead Lightning to other prospective buyers. The bulk of your Lead Lightning training revolves around the selling techniques used to sell Lead Lightning.


Yes, you can make money with Lead Lightning under the regular $7 membership, but it’s minimal in comparison to the system’s subsequent offers. I feel in the end the risk of losing money has to be a consideration when you buy into in the Lead Lightning program given the fact that $7 will not be the only money you spend in this program. When you sell Lead Lightning you only make $6 commission. However, the higher levels pay out much bigger commissions.


Lead Lightning starter membership: This is the $7 membership that got you through the door, you will receive $6 for anyone that signs up under you.

Gold Membership: $53.97 is the monthly membership which allows you to receive a recurring monthly commission of $20 as long as the recruit purchases this package and stays enrolled. (Gold is $30 per month, with a recurring affiliate fee of $23.97, making it a total of $53.97)

Diamond Membership: This is a one time payment option on top of one of the previous membership options. You will receive a one time commission of $100 on the sale of this membership.

Platinum Membership: This is a one time payment option that will cost you $497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $400.

Master Traffic Institute: This is a one time pay option that will cost you $1,497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $900.

As you can start to see, this program will end up costing you a lot more than $7 — IF you want to make more than a $6 commission. The Lead Lightning program operates on a “lottery ticket” mentality, you can’t win unless you buy! Do you think you have the self discipline to pass up your commissions to one of your recruits? If someone signs up under you and buys a Gold membership for example which you haven’t bought you get zip, you do the work and your recruit gets the commission, you will have to make that decision at one time or another!


Lead Lightning is obviously not a scam, it does offer something for your money, not much… but something. Lead Lightning is a sales funnel for a more expensive offers. Can you make a lot with a product that only pays a $6 commission? Yeah… if you sell a lot of $7 packages. But where you’re going to make the bigger bucks is when you own the Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and eventually, the Master Traffic Institute.

You could theoretically sell 300 Lead Lightning packages a month and make a $6 commission on each one, for a total of $1,800… or you could sell 2 Master Traffic Institute packages and make the same. It all depends on the amount of work you put into it, and how much you’re willing to invest in your business.

I used to coach people in other systems over the past 8 years, and have found that there is a niche market for the “Big Ticket” marketing systems. So, don’t think for a minute that you can’t sell the big ticket items. There ARE, indeed, buyers for every level in PLS. You might make a hundred $6 commissions, with a number of other commission levels. It’s not hard to make $8,000 to $10,000 a month with PLS: you just have to apply yourself and go through the “learning curve” of Internet Marketing.


My name is Ernest O’Dell and I have been successfully making money online as an Internet Marketer/Affiliate marketer for over 20 years now. Over the years I have tested numerous products and services that have claimed to be the program or system that will allow you to make money online, but quite honestly, most programs fall short of their promises. Which products or programs will help you make money online? My hope is you will find your answers With Profit Lead System.

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