Source: Why The Majority of Marketers Never Make A Dime Online

Yes, it’s true. The majority of people that come online never make a dime.

But here is a truth you need to know…

According to an article on Forbes, Bloomberg is quoted as saying 8 out of 10 business fail within the first 18 months.

Many of the same reasons traditional businesses fail are the same reasons people tend to fail online or in the home business space in general.

In my experience with home business, I have found one of the major factors people fail is LACK OF VISION!

So many people have a difficult time seeing beyond their current circumstances that they can’t see where their business can actually take them.

In today’s video, I expound on this a bit to help you get a stronger vision for yourself and the potential of your business so you can beat the odds.

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Talk soon,

Mark Harbert

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