If you’ve been posting with Qwikad for some time you’re probably aware that they had a 20 ads per 24 hour period limit.

Well, after some consideration, they have decided to remove that limit.

QUESTION: So, how many free ads can you post now?


Go ahead, give them a try. Post as many FREE ADS as you wish. It would be great, though, if you use different titles for identical ads. If you post multiple ads for the same offer, just “tweak” your title. You can pretty much leave the body copy and your referral link the same, but change up the title from ad to ad.

You can post in the United States & Canada, 565 Cities Total for a Posting Fee of $5.00 for 60 days.

Or post and feature your ad in all cities (United States & Canada, 565 cities total) for $8.00 for 60 days.

  • Featured ads stay on top of the listings and have the FEATURED sign next to them.
  • Featured ads cannot be flagged for removal by users (the flagging option is disabled in featured ads).
  • Recent featured ads are shown on the homepage and under each ad.
  • Featured ads receive significantly more visits!

Secure payment via PayPal (e-check, debit / credit card or PayPal account).

You can also add the URGENT Sign To Your Ad: – (Optional)

  • Make your ad stand out. Add the URGENT sign to your ad.
  • Your ad will be shown as urgent in all cities.
  • Urgent ads receive significantly more visits!

Make your ad urgent for 10 days for an extra $2.00.

Choosing all 3 options above will only cost $10 for 60 days.

Secure payment via PayPal (e-check, debit / credit card or PayPal account).

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