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If you want one, just click the image or link below and watch the overview. The reason why these hotspots are free is because the company fronts the cost in exchange for a percentage of the tokens you mine.


You might ask, “Why don’t they just put all of the miners in one spot and keep all the tokens?” Because that’s not how it works; they’re on track to deploy 40 million of these things across the globe and they want one every 300 meters.


They already have over 100K units placed across the world, many of them here in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Europe. You can have one sent to you for free, get it hooked up, and start getting paid.


If you want one, just click on the image or link below and watch the overview. Helium is an alternate crypto currency that has been on the blockchain since 2013 and its value is constantly increasing on the blockchain.


We’re creating the largest Internet of Things (IOT) LongFi radio network on the planet and I have 48 more spots in a rotator ad campaign I’m running. I will send traffic to your site, and show you how refer people. You can refer friends and family, and even your neigbors!


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