Joe Biden Is Backing A Globalist Scheme to Seize Control of Your Bank Account, Your Money & YOUR LIFE!!!

Ever since President Joe Biden was inauguarted, he has set about implementing the Globalist Agenda to take control of YOUR money, assets and your life. However, it’s not necessarily Joe Biden that you have to worry about: it’s the people behind him who are controlling him. We all know that he is beyond senile and clueless and will read whatever they put in front of him on the teleprompters.

Within the first 20 minutes of his presidency, he shut down the Keystone Pipeline, putting hundreds of thousands of workers on the unemployment lines. He then pursued open borders on the southern border of the United States with Mexico, allowing a free flow of millions of illegal immigrants and hostile foreign operatives. The flow of Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs has flowed into the country unabated like never before.

Since taking office, Joe Biden has relentlessly pursued a globalist agenda that threatens the very fabric of American  life and society.

Brace yourself, because the worst is yet to come.

A new revelation exposes Biden’s backing of a globalist scheme that aims to seize control of your bank account(s), your personal savings, stocks, bonds, and investments, plunging you into a terrifying world of surveillance and manipulation.

Read on to uncover the chilling details of this imminent threat to and your family’s financial security.

And now Joe Biden is backing the globalist scheme to seize control of your bank account.

The Biden administration is adamantly determined to unilaterally eliminate the U.S. dollar and replacing it with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), or “The Federal Digital Dollar“.

A CDBC would allow Joe Biden and UNELECTED bureaucrats to spy on every financial transaction that you make!

The Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Menace

Secretly, the Biden administration has already signed into law Executive Order 14067, implementing the adoption of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that will spell disaster for your financial freedom. By replacing the U.S. dollar with a CBDC, Joe Biden would gain unprecedented power to monitor every single financial transaction made by American citizens. Prepare to have your every purchase, donation, and investment scrutinized by the prying eyes of a Big Brother government!

The CBDC Federal Digital Dollar would also fit in with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ “vision for the future.”

In a report entitled “Our Common Agenda,” Guterres outlines plans for a digital IDs linked to every bank account in the world.

The report stated, “Digital IDs linked with bank or mobile money accounts can improve the delivery of social protection coverage and serve to better reach eligible beneficiaries.”

“Digital technologies may help to reduce leakage, errors and costs in the design of social protection programmes.”

The digital ID would allow a collection of globalist bureaucrats to monitor and police the worldwide financial system.

United Nations’ Globalist Vision

But Biden’s sinister plan doesn’t stop there: It aligns perfectly with the United Nations’ Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ dystopian “vision for the future.” In a report titled “Our Common Agenda,” Guterres lays out his disturbing plan for digital IDs linked to every bank account worldwide: INCLUDING YOURS. The report brazenly advocates for the surveillance of financial systems, all under the guise of improved social protection coverage and reduced program costs.

The Globalists are no longer hiding their true intentions of controlling you and your money, and if necessary, STEALING your money, or just shutting down your access to it.

Unholy Alliances and Ominous Visions

According to alarming reports, the United Nations Chief, the Group of 20, the Economic and Social Council, and unelected bureaucrats from international financial institutions would be the key players in this nightmarish scenario. Together, they would orchestrate a global digital compact, a vast network designed to control individuals, devices, and entities through centralized administration. Your financial independence would be shattered as America seamlessly integrates into the United Nations’ digital financial scam.

Zero Hedge reports, “The key actors here would be the UN chief, as well as the Group of 20, the Economic and Social Council, and ‘heads of international financial institutions.’”

“Within this, the UN sees ‘visions’ of ‘a Global Digital Compact.’”

“Essentially, the objective is to have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats.”

A CBDC would allow Joe Biden and unelected bureaucrats to seamlessly integrate America into the United Nation’s digital financial scheme.

Surrendering Sovereignty to the Globalist Agenda

The implementation of a CBDC would mark a catastrophic surrender of American sovereignty. The Federal Reserve’s recent statement failed to disavow Biden’s potential unilateral imposition of a CBDC, leaving the door wide open for this devastating reality. Under Biden’s presidency, America’s interests have been callously cast aside, and now our financial autonomy hangs in the balance.

And it would also represent a dramatic surrender of American sovereignty to the globalist agenda.

An Assault on American Sovereignty

Joe Biden’s assault on American sovereignty knows no bounds. He not only recklessly opened our southern border, leaving it vulnerable to chaos and danger, but he also threatens to sever our control over our own finances. With a CBDC intricately linked to the United Nations’ globalist digital bank account ID framework, Americans would become mere pawns in a game controlled by unelected global bureaucrats.

The Federal Reserve recently put out a statement that did not disavow the idea that Joe Biden could unilaterally impose a CBDC.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has truly put American interests last.

This represented a 180 degree turn from Donald Trump’s time in office.

Joe Biden put American sovereignty under assault by opening the southern border.

And in addition to essentially dissolving American borders, Biden could end American’s control over their finances with a CBDC linked to the United Nation’s globalist digital bank account ID framework.

The Time to Act Is Now

In the face of this unprecedented threat, the question must be asked: Do you support the digital dollar? Your answer will determine the fate of your financial autonomy, privacy, and national sovereignty. It is imperative that we raise our voices, stand together, and resist this globalist agenda that seeks to strip us of our fundamental rights and freedoms. The time for action is now, before it is too late.

Remember, the battle for control over your bank account has begun. Choose wisely, for the consequences of inaction are too dire to fathom.

Do you support the digital dollar?

If you do, you WILL lose control of your money!

If you do NOT support the invasion of your privacy and loss of control of your money, then you need to take action, and move your money out of the fiat currency system and into the blockchain where the government thieves can’t get their filthy hands on your money.

Read the links below for documentation.

In closing, you should take it upon yourself to do your own research and arrive at your own conclusion, because what the government is telling you is one thing, while the reality is quite another. Your government is lying to you. They are hoping that you don’t discover the truth.

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