Experts are predicting that Bitcoin will go over $20,000 by May of this year. Yes, a new Bitcoin halving could happen as early as May of 2020, and after this event, the block reward will be halved again (to 6.25 BTC). Such a reduction will lead to an increase in demand and, accordingly, price. Therefore, 2020 may be better than 2019.

Bitcoin has been experiencing a lot of fluctuations, which is making the traders and holders worry, but as per the market experts, this is just a matter of time before Bitcoin will emerge again.

Furthermore, Bitcoin is the only crypto that has received worldwide attention, awareness, and adoption on a wide scale. It has been accepted by organizations and payment gateways all across the world. Even new milestones are being achieved like Bitcoin hashrate reaching an all-time high of 62 quintillions per second.

New investors are looking for ways to profit from Bitcoin without having to spend tons of money, and there is a recent introduction of “low ticket” offers, such as CryptoPros and CryptoBillionaire, who are offering new entrants the capability to earn up to $94,000+ in a mere 20 weeks, with only a small $2 matrix.

CryptoPros and CryptoBillionaire are growing by the hour, and is expected to break 7 figures in earnings before the end of 2020. It’s time to jump in now.

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