This is not one of those “too good to be true” Baloney-Salami programs. This is just one of the ways I funded my own account.

==>> And I’m going to show you in 2 easy steps:

You don’t even need to invest anything. (No joke!)

Even if you’re so dang broke that you can’t afford $2, that’s okay. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1.) Create a free account at CoinBase.com

(If you already have an account with CoinBase, send your invitation link to one of your friends, and CoinBase will reward you with $10 when they sign up.)

Step 2.) Watch the video and sign up at CryptoPros

Coinbase will GIVE you $10 in bitcoin just for opening up a free account. You will use that $10 to purchase your first through 5th ad pack in CryptoPros.

Use that $10 to buy your first 5 ad packs in CryptoPros.

Buy your first ad pack with $2 of the $10 that CoinBase gives you, then you’ll have $8 left for buying your next 4 ad packs on each “Bronze Friday”.

Then buy one new $2 ad pack in CryptoPros each Friday, and by the 5th week, you’ll have 5 matrices running, and enough money to start reinvesting in more ad packs.

If you want to put your CryptoPros bitcoin account on steroids, you’ll have enough money stacked up to buy a Platinum package.

With 5 Bronze $2 packs, you’ll have the potential of making $471,856.75 in the next 5 to 6 months.

Will everybody do what you do?

No, probably not. That’s just human nature.

But if you only had 25% of your people doing the same thing you’re doing, you still have the potential of making over $100,000 in the next 5 to 6 months.

And that’s with just 5 ad packs!

Could you do more if you ran 15, or even 100 ad packs?

Step 1.) ==>> Create a free account at CoinBase

Step 2.) ==>> Go watch the video and sign up CryptoPros

When you sign up, let me know what your CryptoPros ID is, and I’ll get you plugged into the matrix and support groups.

Do it now! This thing is hot! And you don’t even have to put any money into it out of pocket!

Ernest O’Dell

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