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“PageSwirl’s Point-And-Click Simplicity
Allows You To Rotate All Your Websites, Banners, HTML Code WHILE Generating Quality Traffic At The Same Time!”

It’s SO easy…

Tell PageSwirl what web pages you want to advertise. The system then keeps a list of all the URL addresses which you can easily add or delete at any time from the private members area.

Advertise one single URL address! PageSwirl creates your own personal rotator web page. When visitors access the URL, PageSwirl automatically transports them to one of the web pages you’ve chosen to advertise.

That’s ALL there is to it! Just think of all that extra time you’ll be able to enjoyfrom this point on!

And because the entire PageSwirl process is completely transparent to the viewer, NO ONE will even know you’re using a rotator!

But that’s not all…

You can also generate quality traffic using our exclusive members-only PageSwirl Ad Co-op!

Simply enter a URL into the ad co-op rotation and your site will be advertised month after month all over the Internet. And ONLY through the best programs online!


PageSwirl isn’t just another site rotator. In fact…
We beat our competitors hands down on features!

Even as a FREE member of PageSwirl, you gain an incredible advantage when advertising your websites!


Rotate 5 different URL addresses, all from one location!
NO pop-ups, NO banner ads, and NO navigational frame!
Ease and convenience of point-and-click simplicity.
Instantly add or remove websites from the full-featured members area.
Keep track of your advertising with LIVE up-to-the-second statistics.
Advertise one single URL address to promote all 5 of your websites!
AND… no one will EVER know you’re even using a rotator!

If that’s not enough, you can always…

Upgrade To PRO Status For Only 33 Cents A Day!

There’s no doubt about it. With a free PageSwirl rotator you get unbelievable value. But sooner or later, you’re going to need even MORE advertising and promotion power.

PageSwirl PRO status is the only way to go! For ONLY $9.99 a month, you get everything listed above PLUS the following benefits…


Rotate an UNLIMITED number of websites.
Prioritize how often each of your websites will be shown.
Disable and enable specific URL addresses WITHOUT deleting them from your list.
Advertise one single URL address — no matter HOW many websites you’re promoting!

Naturally, you can upgrade your free PageSwirl membership at any time you choose. Or, if you’re really serious about your promotion efforts and feel you need the additional PRO benefits right away, simply upgrade as soon as you submit the membership signup form (see Step 2 below).

Promote PageSwirl And Receive Monthly Residual Income!

Free members receive 10% commission for PRO membership sales and as a PRO member of PageSwirl, you’ll receive 50% commission for each and every PRO membership sale that you generate through your personal referral page.

And there’s absolutely NO limit to how many sales you can generate. The more PRO members you sign up, the more money you make!

And since the PRO version of PageSwirl is a monthly paid membership, you receive that same commission EVERY month for as long as each of your referrals remain a PRO member!

No-Risk FREE PageSwirl Membership!

Here’s the deal. Sign up for PageSwirl and take full advantage of the entire system for FREE… with absolutely NO strings attached!

If you don’t agree that PageSwirl is by far THE best site rotator available, simply cancel your membership. Of course, we’re betting that once you see just how powerful PageSwirl is, you won’t even consider leaving the system.

And don’t forget…

You can upgrade to PRO status for only $9.99 a month! That means you can rotate an UNLIMITED number of websites, prioritize how often each of them is shown, and disable and enable sites at will without removing them from your list!

So don’t just sit there while your competitors continue to out-distance you with their own rotator advertising system. Join PageSwirl NOW and find out what all the other PRO marketers are so excited about!

Dan Moses

P.S. Can you believe it? You’re just minutes away from streamlining ALL your advertising and promotion. To get your own FREE rotator, simply fill out the form below!


2-Step Membership Process

Step 1. Fill out the form at the PageSwirl site. NOTE: When you become a member of PageSwirl you are automatically agreeing to our Terms of Service.Step 2. Once you submit the form, you’ll be taken to the welcome page so you can access your account. You’ll also be given the opportunity to immediately upgrade your PageSwirl membership to PRO status through either PayPal or Stripe at an introductory price of only $9.99 per month.

NOTE: If you choose to upgrade from the “welcome page”, you’ll be taken to the log in form immediately following the purchase transaction. The password you need to log in is contained in the PageSwirl confirmation email that is automatically sent once you sign up below.


“What a great system. You can have a 100 sites, change the weighting and all accessed from one URL. Going Pro has really worked for me.

Even if you don’t upgrade to pro yourself, advertise your referral URL and any downline members that you have who go pro will still earn you money.

Happy New Year and may our team grow rapidly in 2008.

Kind Regards,”

Grant Goodman



“Pageswirl has been better than I ever dreamed. Not only does it help me promote multiple opportunities, but it is making me a little money too!

All you need to do is promote it just a little and you will have members under you in no time. Remember, just two members and you can have it for FREE!

That’s what I call a win-win situation.

Best regards,”

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