Setting Up For Your GDI Front End Funnel System (or just about any business opportunity that you may be promoting on the internet.)

A lot of my team members have been asking where to get an economical front end funnel marketing system for their GDI business. One of the most economical systems I have found is the My Capture Page dot com system. They have Done For You sales funnels for dozens of the most popular business opportunities that you find on the internet. In December 2019, the owner of MyCapturePage dot com built 2 additional funnels, complete with autoresponders, for the Global Domains International team.

You can get Done For You Funnels for not only GDI, but also for several other popular business opportunities on the internet.

There is a ONE TIME $10 set up charge, then each month it’s only $19.95. They also have a discounted rate where you can save over 50 percent if you choose the annual subscription.

They do not have an affiliate program, but they do offer a “Get 3 and it’s FREE” program where you refer at least 3 people to MCP and as long as they stay in the system, yours will be free.

To sign up with, use my name, Ernest ODell, and my username “dmsgroup” as your referral.

Here is the default page I’m using for my GDI offer:​

Here are some of the blogs that I’ve built on GDI’s platform:​​​

This is the lead capture page that I’m using with the Traffic Wave autoresponder system:

This is one of the several “Replicated Pages” provided by GDI: which redirects to

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