The Scrips4Less Discount Pharmacy Card Program is a wonderful opportunity for you to make some Scrips4LessFrontlong term, residual income. However, it it NOT multilevel marketing (MLM).

How often can you help others and make money at the same time?

Scrips4Less gives people the opportunity to save up to 85% on their pharmacy prescriptions. There is no sign-up required to use the card, it’s free, and it’s transferable (you can give it to others… friends and family members) The card never expires, and is reusable: once it’s registered into the pharmacy’s computer system, you’re good for life.

Did I just say reusable? Yes. Each time you go to the pharmacy to get a prescription refilled, or call in a refill, as long as your card is registered at the pharmacy, you’ll automatically get a discount applied to your prescription.

I had to get a regular $40 prescription filled this past summer and I gave the pharmacist my card, and they knocked $30 off the cost of the prescription. That’s a 75% savings. I only paid $10 for a $40 prescription.

This is how you build residual income! Once people use their prescription savings card and see how much money they save, they will use it over and over. The more cards you hand out, the more they get used.

And you know what else? I’ve even found a way to get thousands of these cards into the hands of people that need them, and earn over $200,000 a month! I know that sounds “too good to be true” but it’s work, and I’ll explain it in a minute…

Scrips4Less has 5 ways you can make money:

  1. The discount prescription card usage,
  2. Mail order prescriptions,
  3. Dental and Vision discount plans,
  4. Diabetic supplies,
  5. And a patient assistance program.

Scrips4LessFront-thumbnailHow exactly does a pharmacy discount card work?

It works like a coupon. You present the card to the pharmacist at the time you place your order (before they fill the prescription) and when you pick up your prescription, the discount is automatically applied before you pay for it.

Not all prescriptions will qualify for 85% reduction: some will be 50%, some will be 75%, some, up to 85%. Depending on the prescription, and the plan, will determine whether it is eligible for a discount or not.

This is NOT insurance. And it doesn’t replace Medicare or Medicaid. If one of your card users has Medicare or Medicaid, they can sometimes get a small discount applied to their meds, in addition to what they already get from their government benefits. All they have to do is ask the pharmacist when they take their order in.

So, all you have to do is give away as many of these cards as you can. They use them. They save money on their prescriptions. And you get paid once a month. It’s as simple as that.

The pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies approve the discounts. Think of it as an incentive for people, especially those who are uninsured or under-insured, who normally wouldn’t be able to afford their name brand meds to purchase them at discounted prices. Some money is better than no money. It’s pretty much that simple!

  • 1-500 prescriptions filled per month = $1 per prescription
  • 501-1,000 prescriptions filled per month = $1.50 per prescription
  • 1,001 or more filled per month = $2 per prescription

No ambiguous jargon… straight to the point, easy money. No selling involved! This is NOT MLM!

Okay… here’s the part where you want to learn how to make a couple hundred thousand a month…

…yes, I said a couple hundred thousand a month. That’s over $2 million dollars a year.

Again, I know this sounds “too good to be true” but this is NOT “pie in the sky” — click a button — and get rich overnight. This is work, and I’m going to show you how to do it. I’ve done it and I know it works, and I know HOW it works, so I can — with certainty and authority, teach you how to do the same thing.

It takes a little work and a small investment of your time and resources, but it basically boils down to this:

Sign up a couple hundred doctors into the “branded” appointment card program where the information about their practice is printed on an appointment card… with YOUR prescription agent number printed on the front. (This is the easy part because they don’t have to actually sign up for anything, and they don’t have to buy anything.)

It’s easy to give a thousand of these cards to doctors, since they don’t have to pay anything for them. It’s not a “hard sell” because all they have to do is accept the cards from you and use them.

REMEMBER: you’re not selling anything.

If you don’t have the resources to sign up one doctor a day for the next 12 months, then sign up one doctor a month.

You could send out a direct mail piece to a list of doctors in your area, but you’ll probably get a lot of “return to sender” pieces returned to you because the doctor is either retired, moved, no longer in practice, or worse… deceased.

Hey… we’re human. We don’t get to stay here forever, and last time I looked, doctors don’t get to live forever either.

Plus, you’ll have a lot of expenses in printing, envelopes and postage. In the back office of your Scrips4Less account, you’ll have access to databases of just about every doctor in the country, including dentists and a variety of practices. You’ll also have resources such as letters, fliers, brochures, in full color, should you decide to do any “off-line” marketing.

Okay, let’s move on…

What I do is visit hospitals, doctor’s offices, dentists, and clinics and leave some samples with the doctors or their office manager/receptionist. Then I get one of their cards with the name of the practice on it (many of them already have a generic “appointment” card printed on the back.

I ask them if I can give them a thousand custom printed appointment cards with the discount pharmacy card printed on the back side. I said GIVE them! Not “sign them up” or sell them anything. GIVE THEM.

If they say yes, then I tell them I’ll put the order in for them and have them delivered in 2 or 3 weeks. (I’ve never had one tell me no yet.)

Then I ask them if they would rather have a thousand cards or 5,000 cards. Either way, it doesn’t cost them anything.

The reason I ask them if they want a thousand or five thousand is because their patient “traffic flow” might be heavier than other doctors and they may need more than a thousand cards to start with.

When I deliver the cards, I tape one of my business cards to the bottom of the box (or all boxes if I deliver more than one box) and tell them to give me a call when they get down to about half of their cards.

Some doctors offices can pass out a thousand cards a month: others can take as long as 5 or 6 months to pass out a thousand cards.

The cards can be ordered through the Scrips4Less website, or you can call or email the company with the doctor’s information, and you can send the custom information in each time you order the cards.

REMEMBER: This is a business. It is NOT just a business opportunity. So, there will be an expense of $44.95 for a box of 1,000 cards, or $99.95 for 5,000 cards. Personally, I would rather spend a hundred dollars for five times as many cards, versus fifty bucks for only a thousand. (Keep track of your business expenses. You might be able to take a deduction on them. Check with your tax preparer.)

The cards are usually delivered by UPS, and there’s no shipping or handling charges. Just $44.95 or $99.95. If you need 10,000 or more cards, you might want to call the main office and make special arrangements with them.

To sign up visit: (use referral code: FDPE2760 when you fill out the registration form.) A referral is necessary to join the business.

After you sign up, you’ll be redirected back to the same page where you signed up, then you need to order your first set of cards so you can get started.

Then download the training manual by clicking here and print it off. It’s only 17 pages long, with an extra 3 pages for notes if you print it off. It has a few clickable links in it if you read it online, or if you don’t have a printer. The manual has all my contact info in it if you need to get started and have questions. I will coach you and show you how to get started on the “Fast Track” where you can be up and running and start making a couple thousand a month in your first 30 days.

Last, but not least, you will also get a free website just like mine at where you can refer your prospects who are outside of your area and they need to print off an immediate card. If they have a printer, and you live in California, and your prospect is in Florida, all they have to do is fill in their information in the form at the top of your site and click on the blue “Print My Card” button.

These cards are accepted in all 50 states of the United States. Benefits are immediate – cards are pre-activated, and good at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including Walgreen’s, CVS, Costco, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, independent pharmacies, and thousands more nationwide!

Pharmacy Benefit Management programs (PBMs) have saved roughly 18 million people more than $1 billion dollars in prescription costs over the years, whether brand name or generic.

To see all that we have to offer and print your own FREE prescription card, visit Scrips4Less.

To get started, go to the Scrips4Less Area Manager Sign Up Page and sign up. Fill in the form with my referral code: FDPE2760, then check your email.

If you need any help getting started, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call me at my contact info below.

Ernest O’Dell
Ph: (806) 891-4016

P.S. Again, if you need the training manual with all the instructions on getting started, just click here.

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