You might be wondering how it’s possible to turn $10 into 30 grand a month?

Back in September 2019, I was introduced to a company called Global Domains International or GDI for short.

They have a 7 day free trail and then it’s only $10 per month. Being a new mom and only working part-time so I can stay home with my son more, I went ahead and signed up without any hesitation. In less than 2 months, I’ve already ranked up twice! Now I finally know what it’s like to be a mompreneur. Below is the calculator on the website that you can play around with that will show you how much you can make in RESIDUAL income per month based on how many personal sign ups and how many levels deep (up to 5 deep).

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The best part I like about GDI is that you can put new sign ups under your team members to help get them off to a great start. When you sign up today, send me a friend request along with a private message on Facebook and I will get you added to our secret training group that is growing very rapidly on a daily basis.

Your coach and mentor,

Karen Anderson

P.S. Click below to watch the 2 minute video and then click the green sign up button to get started.


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