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Charlie Page’s Directory of Ezines is the ONLY alternative to solo ads that I will ever use. Ezine ads is the best alternative advertising to intermediary banner ads, and is the only real solution to “solo ad” advertising.

If you don’t know your solo ad provider, you could be buying a bunch of bad leads that would jeopardize your advertising campaigns with bounces, unsubsubscribes and spam complaints. Bad leads will also get your autoresponders shut down!

In addition to getting your autoresponders shut down, you could be finding yourself in violation of Federal Regulations in the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Rather than buying “solo ad” leads from questionable sources, it is better to get REAL EYEBALLS on your ads from REAL SUBSCRIBERS like the ones you find in the Directory of Ezines.


  • Free ezine advertising teleseminar
  • Free solo ad writing
  • Your message to my Twitter lists of 6000+ followers
  • And MUCH more!

2. What are ezines? Ezines are electronic newsletters which are delivered via email to people who subscribe to them. Ezines have been published on topics ranging from A to Z for about 20 years now. There are tens of thousands of ezines in the world today.

3. Ezines are never spam. They are only sent to people who ask for them. These people are called subscribers, and they subscriber using a form on a website. Ezine subscribers want the information that publishers provide.

4. Ezines are the most powerful form of email marketing, and have been proven effective for 20 years. Almost every successful marketer either publishes an ezine or uses ezines in their business. They know what you need to know, email marketing done right creates results and changes things!

5. Ezines are highly targeted – People who want to know about fishing subscribe to fishing ezines. People who want to know how to promote a website read Internet Marketing ezines. These interested readers pay very close attention to the articles and advertising that appears within the ezine.

6. You can advertise in these ezines and reach the perfect audience for your offer! Imagine the impact your ad will have when it is presented to an audience that you know is already interested in what you sell!

7. Ezine advertising is affordable! You can reach thousands of opt-in subscribers for less than lunch for a family of three. PLUS… over 150 ezines offer a DOE member only discount, ranging from 10% to a whopping 80% off!

8. You can also publish articles in many of these ezines! Ezine publishers rely on free articles for their content, so if your article matches the topic of an ezine, the chances are that you can get published on the internet quickly and easily!

9. Many publishers accept joint venture invitations. This is the free advertising method that actually works! The publisher runs a free solo for your product and you split the profits. Not all publishers do joint ventures, but the DOE lists those that do so you can find them quickly and easily!

10. The DOE lists ezines that sell ads, publish articles, and do joint ventures. You save time by searching the DOE instead of using Google! We list everything you need to know in order to choose the right ezine.

11. A DOE membership is much more than access to a list of ezines. Lifetime members all get access to our Success Library, member-only webinars, free ad writing, a complete Learning Center, free advertising and much more. The DOE will help you succeed!

12. A DOE membership saves you time! It would take hours to find this information using free sources. We do the research so you don’t have to!

13. We guarantee your satisfaction! The Directory of Ezines has been online since 1997. Our customer service and satisfaction guarantee are rock solid! Use the site for a full 60 days before deciding if it’s right for you.


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